Western Chic Defined

The beauty of Western fashion lies in the wide range of styles, textures and patterns. Begin with traditional Western Wear (denim, hand crafted boots, silver buckles, hand-tooled belts), blend in style influences from Designer Fashions (hand detailing, fashion-forward designs), Native Americans  (beads, feathers, turquoise, icons), Biker Wear (leather, scarves) and Rock-n-Roll (lots of sterling, sexy tees). The personal style possibilities are endless!

With Western Couture, you can indulge your inner “western purist” with styles from Panhandle Slim. Or spice up your look with the hip fashions from Double D Ranchwear. If your only piece is a pair of cowboy boots, you’ll find yourself wearing them with suits, skinny jeans, leggings, dresses and leather pencil skirts.

Desperado in the Old Mill District carries a splendid selection of quality Western Chic fashions from some of Americaʼs top designers. Perfect for the multiple-personality lifestyle.

As the owner of Desperado Boutique in Bend, Oregon, I help customers around the world create their unique western chic style. Contact me to chat about discovering your style.

~Joanne Sunnaborg