Celebrating 1st Friday ArtWalk with Bead Master Jenny Shuman

Hello there! I am Jenny Shuman, the bead artist who makes guitar straps for many of the musicians in the Grateful Dead scene (and beyond) which include the likes of Bob Weir, Oteil Burbridge, Duane Betts, and many more. I also work closely with The Grateful Guitars Foundation and other collectors to create guitar straps for historic instruments such as Jerry Garcia’s Wolf, Alligator, acoustic Martin, as well as several Phil Lesh bass guitars.

I have written a book about my lifes work, called “Speaking In Beads: Living Artifacts By Jenny Shuman.” This 208 page, hard cover, 12×9 inch book is full of images from photographers such as Jay Blakesberg, Bob Minkin, Rosie McGee, Chloe Weir, and many more. In true GD fashion, there are several contributors to my collection of images that have come together in order to represent the full extent of my work. The book highlights my Native American roots, and I have written beautiful narratives as to explain the origins and process of each piece. Several musicians have contributed their own testimonies to the book, and Oteil Burbridge has written the foreword. 

My artwork, relationship to musicians, and position in the music industry is unique to say the least. The energy and vibes I share with those I create for make a difference in the musical journey everyone experiences. During my presentation of Speaking In Beads one will get a taste of the magic that fills the pages of my book. The time we spend together will be captivating and is bound to touch the heart strings of all that attend! Please join me for a lovely moment in time as I take you on a journey into Speaking In Beads!

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