Dear John Denim Care

We all have jeans, but when it comes to denim pants, and proper care, no one says it better than Dear John Denim.

Remember, love your clothes, and they will last a lifetime!
Wash your denim pants inside-out in cold water and, if you prefer, hang to dry.

You can find a full selection of Dear John denim at Desperado!

Religious and Spiritual Themes in Fashion

For centuries, spiritual symbols and themes have inspired the creation and display of art. So it comes as no surprise to us at Desperado Boutique in Bend Oregon’s Old Mill District, that many of these symbols have crossed over into today’s fashion world.

“Symbols of one’s spiritual beliefs have stood the test of time throughout the world and within the art community,” says Joanne Sunnarborg, owner of Desperado. “Now the fashion world is paying homage to these very symbols.”

Today, from Madison Avenue to the Old Mill District, it’s common to find both clothing and accessories embellished with symbols such as crosses, angel wings, rosaries, the depiction of saints, and the trendy-though-spiritual peace sign.

And while this ultimate display of wearing one’s heart on her sleeve may transcend certain styles, Sunnarborg sees it as more a tradition within the Western style of clothing.

“Because the Western lifestyle is so eclectic, it often incorporates elements of Mexican, Spanish and Native American cultures,” she said. “These cultures are steeped in spiritual and religious tradition, and that’s often depicted within their clothing and accessories. Fashions today allow people to express themselves in many different ways,” she said. “This gives people the ability to reflect their own personal beliefs in a way that’s both attractive and artistic. Many of these symbols have meanings that are universal within specific religious circles, but often people find their own, more personal meanings through the display of these symbols.”

Stop by Desperado in the Old Mill District, or their online store and see their collection of clothing and accessories that fit your fashion and spiritual style.

Desperado Decor by Karin Cody

Home decor is an important part of Desperado’s commitment to creating beauty in our lives. Karin Cody is not only a long time client of Desperado Boutique she helps us keep our home decor section looking great. She’s also a wonderful addition to our sales team and is always willing to personally help clients with decorating tips or picking that perfect something for kitchen, bath or bedroom. We wanted to dig a little deeper into the decor style of Karin and share some of her personal collection.
Here are some of her styling tips and decorating philosophy. Desperado Boutique carries an extensive collection of Central Oregon artist, Barbara Slater as well as Wall & Table art by Vintage Sculpture. You can also always find a vast collection of vintage western pieces throughout the store. Enjoy!
Q: Your style is so unique, how old were you when you first discovered your passion for Interior design?
Karin: Well, I actually think it is part of my DNA.  My father was an artist and my mother was very artistic and thus, I came by it naturally.  My childhood home was really cool and…as they say “the nut doesn’t fall from the tree”. 
Q: What are your favorite pieces from Desperado that you have decorated your home with?
Karin: I have quite a few favorite pieces. I just purchased the Indian head from Vintage Sculpture. I have been in love with Vintage Sculpture art since my husband bought me a cigar box with a horse on it for Valentine’s Day a few years ago.
My second favorite piece is a Barbara Slater custom painting of my now deceased dog, Stormy.  I just love that picture of Stormy, as she captured him perfectly.  He was such a love.
I have another painting of Barbara’s of a mare and foal, that I adore as well. I can also add the children’s vintage cowboy boots on the fireplace mantle and the “grateful” sign over the office doorway as pieces I bought at Desperado that add joy to my life.
Q: What inspires you when furnishing/decorating a home?
Karin: Over the years, it does not matter where I have lived….in the suburbs, in the country or in the city, I believe art is what really makes a well decorated home.  In my opinion, art actually makes a house a home and it is even more fascinating when I  meet the artist that makes the piece; then there is a memorable story to it as well. 
I also like to mix in antiques with whatever decorating style, as antiques have such soul and a mystery of their history. I really enjoy repurposing items.  When I lived in Portland, I purchased an old “hotel/motel” bedroom set from a liquidators on NE Grand.  I proceeded to have an artist repaint the pieces and I’m still using one of the pieces in our master bedroom today!  Just a month ago, I was looking for a tiny table and found one on Craigslist for $5.00 and then had my favorite artist, Colleen Brown, of Raven Haven Vintage, paint it with an tipi.
Q: What are some of your next big plans for your property?
Karin: The project that we are working on now is giving our chicken coop a face lift.  A couple years ago a tree fell on the roof, and even though it was still functional, it is time to replace the roof.  While we are at it, we are remodeling it to match our theme with an “old western town” faux front.